Ark: Survival Evolved

Join us on our PC Ark server ExtinctionSRG.

We aim to create a friendly yet fun server where we can hold events and enjoy our time building or trying to destroy each other (Within reason)

This server is a modded server, mostly for more building options and more Dino options, also eggs have been included to be found in nests.

Our Rules are Simple:

  1. Do not Grief or Prevent new players from starting out and getting a footing
  2. Raiding is allowed, do not kill passive tames, if it does happen by accident, please make arrangements to replace that Dino.
  3. Have fun!!!

Further Information:

We will be doing events often on the server, ranging from big events to small events with a variety of prizes.

The Admins on the server shall play as well but in a peace keeping capacity and will only raid or join a war should we be asked or should it be needed, and it shall be in the capacity of players, so yes you will have to trust us, Admin bases are fair game for your raids, if you can do it, however please leave the main admin base, (Location) alone, as this will be the base used to assist players and create the items to do so.

Due to this there will be a recognized Alpha tribe for whoever claims it and holds it, this can be challenged for in a few ways, War, Raids, Single Combat if they accept. The Alpha clan is also responsible for up holding the rules along with the Admins.

We shall be using a ranking system, should you wish to be involved in the bigger events and battles, let an admin know, we shall assess your strength and rank you, the clan strength ranking shall be put on this site for all to see who is dominating and who has been lost to the tides of time.

As stated there are two methods for Violence on this server:

Raids: as it says go out there and raid, we ask that you please do not kill passive tames whilst doing so and do not foundation wipe, it would be nice of you to leave those a lot weaker than yourselves alone, really where is the challenge in that.

War: “I want WAR!!” in this method please inform the admin team that you and another clan or person have agreed to go to war against each other even RP it to make it more fun, maybe send out messengers, we ask this because in war there is no rules and all is fair game against the clan you are at war with.

Alliances are allowed!


On this server we try to keep it as close as possible to the official servers, however we have increased the following,

Egg Incubation time is X15

Dino Growth Level is X10

Experience is faster for level up

also the overall difficult has been set up to 10 so as to have stronger Dino’s and more of a challenge.