About Us

Calvin French A.K.A Reaper (Football {soccer for the less cultured xD} player, Military Leader, Commander, and an all round good leader)

Meet Calvin, This guy right here, I have so much to say about him, so lets keep it simple yeah?

He knows his stuff when it comes to strategizing and can really help turn the tide of a battle when needed. hes pretty good at laying out plans for building monolithic structures (in game mostly but some IRL stuff although not as big).

Hes one of the guys that is always there for you regardless of what happens, Big into large battle recreation whether from History or Fantasy novels/movies, i’m pretty sure if you can name it he knows something about it.

He really enjoys the elves and rangers from lord of the rings (i think its more of a bow/sword thing that he enjoys though).

Darryn Lloyd A.K.A Sillver (I.T Specialist, Streamer, Military Right-hand man and all-rounder)

Meet Darryn, he is a one of a kind guy who knows his I.T stuff like a boss, never has a problem helping people out, he is one of the best builders i know (in game of course) a decent strategist and the perfect Military right hand man.

He will help at the drop of a hat and never ask for anything in return, has a solid ear for listening and then forgetting, likes Dwarves (Lord of the Rings) for some very stranger reason and can always be counted on to be as steady as a Dwarf.

And the Two of us are the Current Founders of SRGaming (Sillver Raven Gaming)