The Return or maybe The Start

Hey fellow life Doers and game lovers,

So as you can see by Sillver101’s post, a lot is about to happen and take off, we can take our hats off and say thanks to him as he has been so busy behind the scenes with all the servers and technical things that so many of us typical gamer’s do not really understand or follow, as long as we can play we are happy little creatures, so thanks to his behind the scene works we are nearing the ability to have the server’s up and having you all join us so that we may destroy you in our efforts to dominate the world.

No on a serious note, my excitement levels are building as we get nearer to having you join us online, as was mentioned, we are going to start off with a GTA v RP server which will be taken quite seriously and as for the above mention Ark server, it will be semi-RP as we will be holding fun events and random things will just happen to keep all players on their toes, it will have admin on it so that any rules may be enforced and new players helped, there is already a Minecraft server up that Siilver101 is running should you wish to be joining.

Other than that we are looking forward to our journey ahead with you all and look forward to seeing you guys at rAge this weekend.


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