So… Its been almost a year.

So… Hi everyone.

As it says in the Title… Its been almost a year since the last post on this site.

I’ve decided we need to open up the server and i’ve decided we should do it now. So Yeah this post serves to do that. Just some info on what is happening.

We are currently working on getting two game servers up and Running, One ark server, This will be a semi Serious RP server and we will give an update on this once it is done.

The other one is a Zombie based post apocalyptic RP server, The RP on this server will be a bit more strict and we will have a proper RP community (i hope), again we will have a proper update on this when it happens.

In some other news, I currently am doing a podcast with some friends, We do it every Sunday evening at 8 PM CAT, You can check it out on my Twitch page you can also check the Vods here and we will have a audio only option soon (keep your eyes on the website for the update on that).

Also its rAge in a few weeks. we Will be there (Myself and Reaper) Let us know if you are there and maybe you can pop past and say hi.

Anyway, Thats it for now so i guess ill be signing off. Cheers everyone.

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