Blogs Blogs Blogs, well who on earth really knows what to say in a blog, seems its just me i mean people make money from this stuff right???

Anyway, here is to just say hi and give a brief over view roughly of where we sort of see this whole idea going.

We want to create a group of people who can enjoy gaming together while taking it seriously, form up teams against each other and the outside world, but we wish to do so while making it relaxing, fun and enjoyable as it was meant to be from the start, no your mother nonsense that the latest 12 year olds like and no griefing people all the time. We are starting small, currently we are kicking off with two games, Minecraft on PC and Ark: Survival Evolved on PS4, obviously just starting off we will need to Iron out a few things as we go along so bare with us.

We plan to make a gaming family, across all boards, be it shooters, survival, strategy you name it.

We look forward to meeting you all and getting to know you all, so drop in scope it out, join us for a game or two.


Calvin (Reaper)

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